If your looking for a spa with a different vibe, come by and visit us. We offer a Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Piercer, Teeth whitening techs, and even a Licensed Tattoo Artist. The Tattoo Spa will give you the best services, that will make you want to return time and time again.

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Welcome to our online photo gallery. Here you can see all that Tattoo Spa has to offer. We have the best Licensed Massage Therapist on site to help relax your body and mind. We offer couples massages for those special occasions, or just to relax with a friend or family member. We also offer infrared blanket wraps, sugar wraps, salt wraps, mud wraps, aloe wraps, and waxing. All these services help from making your skin look great, to detoxifying your body and even burn stubborn fat cells to help you lose inches. We also offer teeth whitening services to give you a brighter smile. Tattoo Spa also has a tattoo studio inside of it, for those of you that want to express yourself through art. Our artist is one of the best in Amarillo, TX , and can help you get the tattoo of your dreams in a calm and relaxing environment. We recently added piercings and Permanent makeup to our services as well. So come by and give Tattoo Spa a try, you will be glad you did.